Sunday, 12 July 2009

Quick Update

So, it’s been a month or so since I last posted anything around these parts. There have been several reasons for this; work and life have been very busy for one thing; but there is also the fact that I've become so pissed off with politics, and the Labour party in recent weeks.

Things came to a head a few weeks ago when I almost cancelled my party membership - this has only happened once before, at the start of the Iraq war; and at that time I did in fact leave the party for a year.

Now, before anyone thinks that I might have fallen into bed with one of the other parties, let me assure you, this would never happen.

The core principles of Socialism run through me like the blood in my veins or the marrow in my bones - they are key to who I am as a person, and to how I live my life.

Like any long term relationship, there can be rough times. Times when you lose faith, times when you really wish you could just walk away.

Times when you feel powerless and ignored.

This has been my main problem. The feeling that the ‘powers that be’ disregard the views of those very people who allow them to be in office in the first place. The feeling that no matter what we say or do the heart and soul of the party will be ignored.

I honestly don’t know what to think anymore. Until very recently I would have told you that the prospect of removing Brown at this stage would be crazy. It would force us to call the general election early, which would in effect be suicide.

Now I’m not so sure.

Looking at 2010, what can we really hope for? Can win the general election? Well, in my heart I would still maintain yes; however, my head tells me something different; something I have no wish to even contemplate at this stage.

Yet, I’m still a member of Labour. In spite of all the disappointment, the broken promises, the lack of communication and weakness - I will not walk away this time. Now, more then ever we must unite as a party, as a movement for change and for good - which is what, in my heart I believe we are.

We must be strong, toughen up. Expose the Tories for what they are, opportunist and without policy. We must build on our success and put right our mistakes.

Effective leadership must come from the top; however, now is the time for us to take our party back. For all those hardworking activists to be listened to and appreciated for the hard work they carry out. Most importantly we must listen to the public; people are angry, worried about their jobs and the future for their families and friends. Our key objective must be to regain the trust of the general public, and that includes our core base of voters - the ones who now prefer to stay at home when elections take place.

We have so much to be proud of - the NHS and Minimum Wage to name but two. Now is the time to start fighting for our countries future. It would be a disaster for the UK if the Tories were to win in 2010; I for one don’t want Cameron to be our PM, and for that alone we must do all we can to ensure that doesn’t ever happen...

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