Thursday, 21 May 2009

Newsquest and the BNP

Printed below you will see a copy of a letter that I sent to the Kidderminster Shuttle, (a Newsquest publication), following the announcement that the BNP were intending to field a candidate in the Worcestershire County Council elections on June 4th.

As you will see from a previous post last week, they have decided to stand in a ward that just happens to have an Asian candidate.

Cynical move to target ward

I was disappointed to read in the the Shuttle that the BNP intend to field a candidate in the forthcoming local elections.

The shameless way in which the BNP have targeted this ward is beyond belief – to parachute their candidate in against the only local candidate of Asian decent, (the Tory candidate Mr Ahmed), is not only shocking, but also cynical to the highest degree.

I feel that I must also mention the comments provided by the BNP spokesman , Simon Darby. I am disappointed that you decided to print such inflammatory comments as part of the article.

Darby has a history of provocation, and I would hope that the people of Kidderminster are not fooled by this man, or his party.

It is now time for all the other main political parties, (and members of the public), in the area to unite and fight against the threat that the BNP pose to democracy and the future of our communities, town, county and country.

Tim Phillips-White, Kidderminster

I am pleased to say that they have published the letter in this weeks edition.

However, this still does not excuse the non-removal of BNP adverts from the online editions of their publications,(including the Kidderminster Shuttle). After increased pressure earlier this week, Newsquest did remove the offending items, but only it seems for twenty four hours. They have now returned.

For my part, I will be contacting Newsquest again today, to again ask for the averts to be removed once and for all.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dark Days........

I've been trying to avoid writing about the events of the past few weeks following the Telegraphs revelations. The reason for my absence is simple; I had no wish to churn out the same platitudes time and time gain, that and the fact that in no way would I ever use the phrase, "Pigs in the trough", "Pigs with their snouts in the trough" or "Self-Serving pigs, with their snouts in the trough and probably up your bum, so there...".

Whilst this has been a dreadful few weeks for democracy and our political system as a whole, being known as a Labour party member has been something akin to being involved in animal torture. The ridicule, the scorn and disgust - directed both at the party and at myself for being stupid enough to support Brown and his rapidly sinking rowing boat.

Why, in that case do I still support the party? Why, when I really feel that I've had enough do I carry on regardless?

The only real answer to this is quite simple really....

I do not support New Labour. I am not a member of New Labour.

I am a very proud member of the Labour Party. Always have been, always will be.

I believe in equality for all. Opportunity for the many and not the few. I believe in a welfare state that lends a helping hand to those most vulnerable in society, including our greatest achievement - the National Health Service.

New Labour is dead. I mean really dead, rotting, causing one hell of a stink and classed as a great danger to public health.

In spite of all the turmoil, anger and tribulations - this can only be a good thing for all of us on the progressive left of the party. This may sound churlish twelve years later, but the fact is, voting for Blair was the lesser of two evils. Many of us were so happy to finally have a Labour Government that we'd probably have even supported James Purnell if we'd had too.

Blair and his colleagues began to strip away the heart and soul of the party - quite deliberately. They tool a calculated risk that even disaffected Labour voters had no where else to go, and at the same time won over the floating voters of middle England who were sick of Major and Tory sleaze.

What Blair did is unforgivable - he changed the party to such a degree, that here, today in 2009, it is almost unrecognisable to a large section of society. They betrayed the heart and soul of the party, stripped away the very essence that made us proud to be involved with the party in the first place.

Here, twelve years later we see the result, we are unelectable, our leader and Prime Minister appears to lost all authority over his ministers and MPs,he appears weak, and spends far too much time dithering over decisions where quick,decisive action is required.

There are dark days ahead for us, make no mistake.

Should we change leader at this stage? Until this week, I would have answered no to that question. To change leader at this stage would mean calling a general election shortly after. There would be only one outcome to this - slaughter. The party would be destroyed, and Cameron would be handed an election victory based not on the strength of his own policies, but on the public hatred and disgust at Labour.

Twelve months on, we may still suffer a very heavy defeat, however I don't believe that things would be quite as disastrous as the result of an early election.

So, do we stick with Brown, in the vain hope that he can regain his moral authority over the cabinet and the PLP. Or, do we call on Alan Johnson to save us? In all honesty, at this moment in time I really don't know the answer to that question.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

BNP - a little too close to home

Disappointing news from Worcestershire today. Until this week, the BNP had seen fit to leave my town alone, preferring to stick to the more industrial Black Country area west of Birmingham. As I said, that is until this week.

I found out today,via a screaming front-page headline in our local paper, that a BNP candidate would be standing for election to Worcestershire County Council. I don't want the BNP in my town, I hate the idea that a district of Kidderminster will be represented by Tony Gervis and his fascist cronies.

As I mentioned before, this has made the front page of our local paper, the Kidderminster Shuttle, who even managed to get a few words from Simon Darby on the subject - honestly, how this man sleeps at night I don't know?

Take this as an example:

"We don't want immigration to turn Kidderminster into a place like Handsworth or Lozells in Birmingham. What About English people and their rights?"

I should point out at this moment that the population of Kidderminster and it's surrounding areas are probably 98% white British. This is bullshit of the highest order from Darby, and whilst I'm not surprised, I am disgusted by the very fact that he's even been in the area recently.

Now, all this is bad enough, it really is. Until that is you take a look to see which ward Gervis will be contesting, and more importantly, who the opposition is.

This is where the BNP really come into their own. We have one Asian candidate in the area, Mr Mumshad Ahmed, from the Conservatives, and it wouldn't take a genius to work out where the BNP candidate has been parachuted into. As I said, this shouldn't come as a great surprise, these are quite normal tactics from the BNP; however, this shouldn't detract from how despicable these tactics are,not withstanding the fact the their candidate lives at least twenty miles from Kidderminster.

The time for action in Kidderminster is now. The BNP can not be allowed to gain a foothold in this area, something that frightens me the most.

I have began to speak to the other local parties - unity now is more important than ever, and I'm hopeful that I can persuade the other candidates to provide a united front on this one subject.

This Saturday, I will be taking part in a HOPE not hate day of action in Worcester -I'm hopeful that some of those involved can be persuaded to join my fight in Kidderminster to rid the town of people such as Darby and Gervis.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bob from the BNP - Part Three

So, readers, here we are with the third and final instalment of my charming email correspondence with 'Bob', from one of the regional BNP offices in London. As you will know, the resourceful Bob obtained details of my email address, and proceeded to send me several hateful, but equally pathetic emails.

Below, you will the third and final email, in it's full glory:

On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 3:24 PM, bob wrote:
> I have sent you just a few emails and I have received numerous replies.
> The BNP lists were leaked by people like yourself and those on that list received harassment and death threats. Some people were physically attacked. A lot were elderly people. You seek to dehumanise us but most of us are actually Ex Labour activists and supporters and left leaning. We are neither fundamentalists or Extremists when compared to the wreckers of this country and the war mongers.
> Put yourself in my shoes. I have your email addresses and more. Do you see the irony of it all coming full circle. Is it not time to repent for your sinful ways and turn your back on doing the dirty work of the state.

So, is this just pathetic attempt to put the wind up a thirty five year old part time activist, or should I be worried about this at all? To be honest, my first natural reaction is fucking anger - how fucking dare they send me shit like this!

I've yet to decide how to reply - any ideas?!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Bob from the BNP - Part Two

I've been receiving some fairly hateful emails from one of the BNP offices based in London this week, and I'm sorry to say that even after a polite request for these to cease, (stupid, I know) - they still seem to be continuing.

Take today's email for example: Reasons to Vote BNP and Muslims Hate Gays - yet another tour de force of lies and bullshit.

Once again, this shows the subversive and desperate measures that the BNP will take in order to obtain votes at the expense of the disillusioned voter.

This extract from the email is a good example:

The Anti-Democratic organisation Searchlight is ordering the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community not to vote for the BNP through its front group "Hope Not Hate".

This follows Harriet Harman's venom filled interview with, she said: "the BNP are homophobic and reactionary", amongst the usual smears. This is the same woman who once favoured making sexually explicit child porn photos or films legal — as long as the kids were not harmed.

She also wanted the age of consent lowered to 14 and incest to be decriminalised.

Further proof that we must all stand together to defeat the BNP.

HOPE not hate

Following on from my blog earlier this week regarding the very real threat of BNP success at next months Euro elections, I mentioned that it was vital for local activists to work together at this important time.

For more information on the excellent Searchlight campaign - HOPE not hate, please see the web address below. Their site will provide you with information with regards to activities in your local area.