Thursday, 21 May 2009

Newsquest and the BNP

Printed below you will see a copy of a letter that I sent to the Kidderminster Shuttle, (a Newsquest publication), following the announcement that the BNP were intending to field a candidate in the Worcestershire County Council elections on June 4th.

As you will see from a previous post last week, they have decided to stand in a ward that just happens to have an Asian candidate.

Cynical move to target ward

I was disappointed to read in the the Shuttle that the BNP intend to field a candidate in the forthcoming local elections.

The shameless way in which the BNP have targeted this ward is beyond belief – to parachute their candidate in against the only local candidate of Asian decent, (the Tory candidate Mr Ahmed), is not only shocking, but also cynical to the highest degree.

I feel that I must also mention the comments provided by the BNP spokesman , Simon Darby. I am disappointed that you decided to print such inflammatory comments as part of the article.

Darby has a history of provocation, and I would hope that the people of Kidderminster are not fooled by this man, or his party.

It is now time for all the other main political parties, (and members of the public), in the area to unite and fight against the threat that the BNP pose to democracy and the future of our communities, town, county and country.

Tim Phillips-White, Kidderminster

I am pleased to say that they have published the letter in this weeks edition.

However, this still does not excuse the non-removal of BNP adverts from the online editions of their publications,(including the Kidderminster Shuttle). After increased pressure earlier this week, Newsquest did remove the offending items, but only it seems for twenty four hours. They have now returned.

For my part, I will be contacting Newsquest again today, to again ask for the averts to be removed once and for all.

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