Thursday, 14 May 2009

BNP - a little too close to home

Disappointing news from Worcestershire today. Until this week, the BNP had seen fit to leave my town alone, preferring to stick to the more industrial Black Country area west of Birmingham. As I said, that is until this week.

I found out today,via a screaming front-page headline in our local paper, that a BNP candidate would be standing for election to Worcestershire County Council. I don't want the BNP in my town, I hate the idea that a district of Kidderminster will be represented by Tony Gervis and his fascist cronies.

As I mentioned before, this has made the front page of our local paper, the Kidderminster Shuttle, who even managed to get a few words from Simon Darby on the subject - honestly, how this man sleeps at night I don't know?

Take this as an example:

"We don't want immigration to turn Kidderminster into a place like Handsworth or Lozells in Birmingham. What About English people and their rights?"

I should point out at this moment that the population of Kidderminster and it's surrounding areas are probably 98% white British. This is bullshit of the highest order from Darby, and whilst I'm not surprised, I am disgusted by the very fact that he's even been in the area recently.

Now, all this is bad enough, it really is. Until that is you take a look to see which ward Gervis will be contesting, and more importantly, who the opposition is.

This is where the BNP really come into their own. We have one Asian candidate in the area, Mr Mumshad Ahmed, from the Conservatives, and it wouldn't take a genius to work out where the BNP candidate has been parachuted into. As I said, this shouldn't come as a great surprise, these are quite normal tactics from the BNP; however, this shouldn't detract from how despicable these tactics are,not withstanding the fact the their candidate lives at least twenty miles from Kidderminster.

The time for action in Kidderminster is now. The BNP can not be allowed to gain a foothold in this area, something that frightens me the most.

I have began to speak to the other local parties - unity now is more important than ever, and I'm hopeful that I can persuade the other candidates to provide a united front on this one subject.

This Saturday, I will be taking part in a HOPE not hate day of action in Worcester -I'm hopeful that some of those involved can be persuaded to join my fight in Kidderminster to rid the town of people such as Darby and Gervis.

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Tory Rascal said...

Good luck, Tim. The mainstream parties have a common enemy in the BNP, and must work hard to make sure it doesn't gain any ground because of a few cheating MPs.