Friday, 1 May 2009

Bob from the BNP - Part Two

I've been receiving some fairly hateful emails from one of the BNP offices based in London this week, and I'm sorry to say that even after a polite request for these to cease, (stupid, I know) - they still seem to be continuing.

Take today's email for example: Reasons to Vote BNP and Muslims Hate Gays - yet another tour de force of lies and bullshit.

Once again, this shows the subversive and desperate measures that the BNP will take in order to obtain votes at the expense of the disillusioned voter.

This extract from the email is a good example:

The Anti-Democratic organisation Searchlight is ordering the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community not to vote for the BNP through its front group "Hope Not Hate".

This follows Harriet Harman's venom filled interview with, she said: "the BNP are homophobic and reactionary", amongst the usual smears. This is the same woman who once favoured making sexually explicit child porn photos or films legal — as long as the kids were not harmed.

She also wanted the age of consent lowered to 14 and incest to be decriminalised.

Further proof that we must all stand together to defeat the BNP.

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