Thursday, 29 May 2008

Buffoon Barnbrook's Blogging Bonanza

In recent weeks I’ve been impressed, if not a little obsessed, by the continued steam of stupidity appearing on the blog of Nadine Dorries. I must admit that it has become an entertaining part of my daily routine, even if this does leave me a little ashamed.

However, I’m pleased, (alarmed), to see that an even bigger buffoon has entered the blogging world. Step forward Mr Richard Barnbrook – BNP London Assembly member.

It’s been widely reported this week that Barnbrook now has a blogging profile on the Daily Telegraph website, even so I was a little late in getting chance to look at it following my failed attempts to get Marriella Frostrup to agree to marry me whilst at the Hay Festival.

Ballet loving Barnbrook has only had chance to post a few blogs so far – however, I’m sure you’ll all agree that he’s obviously started in the way that he means to go on. For example; take two of his chosen topics: ‘Lilly Allen and the BNP’, and the tour de force that is ‘Blame the Immigrants’.

The latter is a hate filled rant that is simply abhorrent. However, as a supporter of free speech, I do feel that groups such as the BNP should be given a platform to air their views; to suppress them only makes their case stronger. One could argue that a national newspaper should not be allowing individuals such as Barnbrook the opportunity to air such disgraceful views – one only has to look at some of the comments from his supporters to see what the true views of the BNP faithful really are.

What really is disgusting is Barnbrook’s behaviour following the tragic death of Robert Knox in Sidcup. In front of his own camera crew and speaking in front of a group of the victims friends, Barnbrook said that:

“This is a sickening situation and it is primarily down to people coming to this country... the majority 75% (of murders) are done by ethnic minorities and when only 33% come from ethnic minorities, the figures speak for themselves."

Coming after the half-crazed rant on his blog, it seems that there really are no levels to which the BNP won’t stoop in order to gain publicity.

Barnbrook even gives out what is supposedly his own mobile phone number so that supporters can contact him if they want to attend a meeting outside City Hall.


Barnbrook is an idiot, but he’s also a dangerous idiot. The way to fight the BNP is not to censor them; this will only play straight into their hands.

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