Tuesday, 6 May 2008

What a Clunker

In a break from my normal Sunday morning routine, I took the slightly unwise decision to haul myself from my drunken slumbers to monitor Gordon Browns vital signs during his interview on the Andrew Marr Show....

I have to say that on this basis the future doesn’t look good…

Now, I would hate for people to think that my private life is so grim that I spend the early morning hours thinking about Gordon. That being said, I was fascinated to how our not so supreme leader would come across following last weeks kick in the balls at the local elections. Would he, as I hoped, come out fighting, admit past mistakes, and actually give the public some hope and confidence that he actually intends to take his head out of the sand and do something about it. Or, as I expected, would we hear the same old tired platitudes that we’ve been hearing from embarrassed looking ministers since last Thursday?

I’m afraid to say it was the latter. Brown looked uncomfortable and embarrassed, and as usual tried to look for holes in the ‘slick salesman’ style of Druggy Dave and his Eton chums.

It would be obvious to even an inanimate object that Brown doesn’t possess the most outgoing and gregarious of personalities – he even admitted as much to Marr. The one thing that Brown should stop being concerned about is personality - I honestly think that the general public don’t give two figs about this. What we want and need is a PM who we trust; a real leader who can get his polices across to the country. Stop worrying about what the Tories are up to – we don’t want to see more cat fighting between you can Cameron; what we want to know is was you intend to do about the mess we’re in.

However, despite all that has happened, and against my better judgment, I still find myself rooting for Brown – the clunking underdog. Now, this may come down to the very large working class chip residing on my shoulder, but I could never contemplate showing support for Cameron; and I’m yet to be convinced by Nick Clegg.

Despite being taken apart by Marr, I still feel that the basic socialist principles of Brown are still in tact. I believe him when he tells people that he wants to live in a country of opportunity for all. When Brown tells us that he entered politics because he wants to rid the country of injustice and create a fair society – I still believe him. Brown needs to be stronger then ever, have courage in his convictions and win back the core Labour supporters who deserted the party last week.

The odds are against this happening, and in the very near future Brown needs to have set out a plan for not only the long term future of the country, but also policy idea to assist the people in the this country who find themselves suffering......

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