Monday, 19 May 2008

Misappropriation of Llamas spells disaster in Crewe and Nantwich

Loyalty is an admirable quality; but as we all know, loyalties can be tested, and God knows my own personal loyalty to Labour has been stretched to breaking point during he past eleven years.

Our campaign in Crewe and Nantwich, (note: I still use the word ‘our’ – I’ve not been able to sever all links just yet), has been nothing short of disgraceful. To sink to such lows not only brings further shame to Gordon Brown, it’s also a complete insult to the voters in the area.

When the government is prepared to insult voter’s intelligence in such a crass, pathetic and xenophobic manner, you really do begin to wonder just how far they are prepared to go between now and Thursday.

The shameful nature of Labours character assaination of Edward Timpson on grounds of class, money and privilege could be considered a good enough reason for Labour voters to transfer their support. This not only shows how desperate and out of touch the party have become, but also show their utter contempt for the voters and the political system in general.

Playing the race card during the campaign has not only been irresponsible, it is also abhorrent. It’s one thing to concentrate your campaign on class – it’s quite another to suggest that the Tories are against ID cards for foreign nationals; especially as it is common knowledge that they are against ID cards FULL STOP! This is scaremongering more fit for the pages of the Daily Mail, rather than from the government allegedly running the country.

Those responsible for the planning and running of the campaign are not fit to serve in public office in any shape or form, and should be thoroughly ashamed of their actions. If, as is expected we lose on Thursday, it would be refreshing to see Dunwoody apologise for the dirty and cheep way that the campaign has been handled.

As for the Tories, it’s been all too easy for Cameron to pour scorn upon the ‘class war’ tactics of Labour. Not only will this by-election effectively come down to a referendum on Gordon Brown; it’s also allowed the Tories yet again remain unchallenged with regards to matters of policy. So, once again, Cameron is allowed to continue Brown bashing; more language from the playground signifying absolutely nothing.

It will be interesting to see just how big any potential swing to the Tories will be. To hear long term Labour voters considering switching to Tory always saddens me – vote Lib Dem for Gods sake!!

Talking of the Lib Dems, it’s a great shame that so much of the media coverage has been so taken up by the continued brouhaha. I would have liked to see them be able to take advantage of Labours ineptitude and the Tories lack of credible ideas.

The result on Thursday could be very close; a Tory win could hasten the end of Brown, whilst a Labour hold would be a serious knock to Cameron’s progress in the North of England. If the unexpected does happen, and Labour actually wins, expect Toy voices across the country to chime out that they didn’t actually expect to win a safe Labour seat in the first place – no matter how unpopular the government actually are.

Oh, and as for those poor Llamas - Timpson doesn’t actually own any. Yet another Labour cock up….

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