Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Madness of Queen Nadine

I have a confession to make – being a committed atheist makes this a hard thing to do; but a confession it is none the less.

Even here ensconced in Hay on Wye, attempting to appear far more intelligent than I could ever hope to be, I find I’ve become obsessed by the ever more crazy outpourings of Nadine Dorries.

Today’s news from Nadine really caught me by surprise. Apparently, she’s been in contact with various leaders from the Muslim world, who, like her were horrified by the abortion bill result this week.

Now, perhaps this is just a little bit too bloody obvious, but do you think that these Muslim leaders would be just as horrified if they knew who Nadine’s partners in crime were!?!? Now, I’m not sure, and this is only a slim chance; but do you think they’d have a problem supporting an MP who openly has the support of a group who describe Islam as a ‘false religion’…

Mmmmm, I wonder…..

Deluded is not the word…..

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