Thursday, 22 May 2008

Vote Comrades, Vote!!!

Well the day of the Crewe and Nantwich apocalypse has finally arrived. For days now the dark clouds of defeat have been gathering over one of the few openly socialist homes in north Worcestershire, (mine in case you wondered!).

It’s been hard to escape from the general vale of gloom and despair closing in on my small group of remaining party supporters. However, like a true pessimist, I’ve been doing my best to prepare for anticipated spanking that we are due to receive today. These preparations have mainly involved purchasing large amounts of very cheap and very nasty wine – at least I think it’s wine, it did come from my neighbours shed, so one can never be sure. I’m sure I caught him cleaning his paintbrushes with it the other day. It also seems to serve as a wonderful deterrent to over curious cats.

However, like an unexpected late night phone call from the girl you really fancy at work, I’ve woken up with a fresh sense of hope and optimism this morning. Now, I can assure you dear readers that this doesn’t happen too often; perhaps just once a year, and only on days of the week beginning with a ‘T’.

So, even though the odds are stacked against us; even though the campaign and been a disgrace and a bloody shambles; Labour supporters MUST get out there and vote today.

Like me, there are a lot of Labour supporters in Crewe who are thoroughly pissed off with the party. You can almost smell the sense of betrayal in the air, and it stinks; however these people must think very carefully about where they place their votes today.

Make no mistake, things are very bad right now, and it looks as if they could get a hell of lot worse by this evening. Even then, from a personal level, the thought of Labour supporters voting Tory is beyond my comprehension. This is something that I could never, EVER dream of doing; to be honest the very thought of it disgusts me!

Various sources tell us that the Lib Dems will benefit as a result of the governments retreating support. Now, I would admit that I’ve voted Lib Dem in the past; in fact I did a few weeks ago at the local elections. This is totally different though.

By switching to the Lib Dems, the only thing that will be achieved is a Tory victory. Lets be honest here - there is a far greater chance of Scarlet Johansson phoning me this afternoon and inviting me out for dinner then there is of the Lib Dems winning this seat. In their heart of hearts they know this – one only had to see the Cleggster at PMQs yesterday - he didn’t even mention the by-election.

So, if I could speak to the Labour supporters in Crew today, I would urge them to get out and vote – I know the outcome looks bleak, but we must stick together. If we have any hope of fighting back, then we have to start now, before it really is too late.

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Michael said...

The crux of the matter is this: is Labour really worth saving?

To most people I know, the answer is no. Hence the unthinkable - voting Tory.