Thursday, 15 May 2008

Is this the best we can do!?

Story from today's Mirror. I know we need all the help we can muster in Crewe, but must we continue with the 'Tory Toff Timpson' angle? It's all a bit pathetic really.

Tory activists for by-election hopeful Edward Timpson have undermined his claims he is more than just a rich toff - by canvassing in a £50,000 Bentley.
Four campaigners for wealthy Crewe and Nantwich candidate Timpson were spotted on a council estate climbing out of the luxury motor carrying pamphlets and blue Conservative balloons.
One onlooker said: "So much for modesty and saving the environment with such a gas guzzler. The Tories must think we are really green to believe them."
Timpson, 34, a barrister whose family have earned millions from a shoe repair chain, has been accused by his Labour rival Tamsin Dunwoody of being "some rich kid who probably hasn't even visited Crewe station".


Alix said...

Hm, it is a bit embarrassing, isn't it. The trouble is, Labour can't possibly win this by-election because the country's mood is so against them, they know it and everyone knows it, so the logical thing to do is to revert to root beliefs in some way and use it to showcase Labour values &c.

And they've apparently done that by importing a hereditary PPC, name-calling, tapping into xenophobia and stirring up class hatred. Not very encouraging as a set of indicators. I don't want any government which contains Jacqui Smith to remain in power for another day. But I do want them to provide at least credible opposition to the Tories, who are still unpolicied and unprincipled in too many important ways to be allowed an easy ride into govt.

Interesting piece from John Harris in the Guardian on this yesterday.

The Fully Clothed Civil Servant said...

Less said about Ms Smith the better...