Friday, 23 May 2008

Nadine Dorries - Humility Personified

Nice to see that every fundamentalist Christian’s favourite stooge – Nadine Dorries, has been crowing on about the Crewe and Nantwich by-election result.
Funny that, as I’m sure Cameron would hate that sort of triumphalism.

Poor Nadine’s mood must have improved over the last 24 hours – as she now seems to be full of goodwill for all around her!

“Congratulations Edward, the warmest welcome awaits you. What a stonking, amazing victory that was.”

“How incredible is Eric Pickles? What an amazing man.”

“Did you see David Cameron? He was bursting with energy and pleasure and goodwill to all men.”

Nadine’s own personal supply of goodwill does not however stretch to my favourite old teacher – Jacqui Smith. Not only has she had to suffer a brutal assault at the hands of the Police Federation this week; now Nadine has also got it in for her.

“The ridged look on Jacqui Smiths face gives me huge pleasure.”

“She is possibly the most arrogant and least pleasant of all the Labour women. There will be no seat turning from red to blue which will give me as much pleasure as that one.”

Steady on Nadine! Baring in mind some of the people you’ve been spending time with recently, I really don’t think you should be passing judgement on your fellow MPs.

Still, at least her Christian values come shining through in the end!

“PS I haven’t been triumphant or complacent in this blog have I?”

Oh, Nadine!!!!

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